Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Contact

We are committed to cooperating fully with law enforcement agencies. We understand the importance of security, legal compliance, and the role we play in assisting with investigations related to criminal activities or concerns.

For Law Enforcement Agencies:

If you are a law enforcement officer or official requiring assistance, please contact us directly. We aim to respond promptly to verify requests and provide the necessary information in accordance with legal standards and our policies.

Request Submission:

Please send your official request in this form.

Urgent Requests: For urgent matters, please contact us at contact page and provide detailed information regarding the urgency.

What to Include in Your Request:

  • Official letterhead documentation.
  • Detailed description of the information or action required.
  • Relevant case numbers and legal justifications.
  • Contact information for the requesting officer or agency.

Our Commitment:

  • Prompt and thorough review of all requests.
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Protection of user privacy within the bounds of the law.

For Further Assistance:

Law enforcement officials seeking more information about our policies or needing further assistance are encouraged to contact us directly.

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